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Paperstone’s office supply and office life round-up

Paperstone’s office supply and office life round-up

What you don’t really need to know from the world of office supplies, stationery and general officey stuff

Having problems printing from your home computer? There may be a nocturnal brown snake inside your printer

Denis and Marie Matthews of Lismore, Australia, were having difficulties printing from their home computer. When Denis took a look at the printer, he found the cause of the Paper jam, a metre long venomous nocturnal brown snake. Mr Matthews then tried to coax the beast – which are often aggressive when confronted – out of the printer but the snake was having none of it.

“When I used a long pointer to encourage the snake to move, it reluctantly came out through the front, under the monitor screen and round the back of the computer case,” he told

It is believed the creature is still at large in the Matthews’ office.

Has a snake broken your printer?

You can find plenty of printers here.

Plus printer cartridges

Workers bullied for their fashion and figures

Sixteen percent of UK workers have suffered bullying at work because of their appearance, according to the research by fashion website

“Dress down Fridays” were to blame for much of the bullying, according to 68% of those questioned. Of those bullied for their weight or figure, 72% said that they felt depressed and “hated” going to work.

Technology round-up

  • Judging from selling and buying practices on Black Friday – the US’s big shopping day after Thanksgiving – desktop computers are on their way out.
  • As if we didn’t know already, young people use social networking websites to develop an alternate identity. This according to a team of psychologists, the Children’s Digital Media Center at UCLA. And we develop these identities all the more glibly because of the ability to use image editing software and the fact that we present ourselves at a distance.
  • Intel are currently working on tiny sensors that can capture energy from sources such as sunlight, body heat and movement so that devices like mobile phones can run for long periods without charging.
  • The recent Bombay attackers used Google Earth to plan their assaults on the city. Indian security services have previously complained that Google Earth exposes sensitive geographical information about the country. Google, meanwhile, stresses that the information is in any case already available through other public and commercial sources.
  • Yahoo have recently released the top items searched on their search engine in 2008. Encouragingly, Britney Spears comes top, ahead of Barack Obama at number three.

American Office workers view more porn sites at their office than at home

And they’re doing it 23% more than a year ago, Newsweek will report. Apparently this is partly due to the fact that porn is utterly natural to the cultural proclivities of Generation Y workers.


The Bechham’s three children – all aged below ten years – each have their own personalised stationery.

If you’re bored at work…

Popping bubble wrap is extremely enjoyable and apparently very cathartic. If you haven’t got any bubble wrap to hand, you can do some virtual popping here. But why not get your hands on the real stuff?: BUBBLE WRAP


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