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Woman recovers from guillotine accident to hold her babies

By Paperstone on January 15, 2007 in Guillotines

A woman who had both of her hands severed at the wrist in a horrific guillotine-related accident has recounted the joy of holding her children’s hands.

Sharon Jackson became the first person in the UK to have both of their hands surgically reattached after hers were sliced off by a guillotine at the wallPaper factory where she worked.

Surgeons worked for nine hours to reattach them at the wrist and, although she still has problems with her nerves, Ms Jackson claims that she couldn’t imagine life without her hands.

This is especially true now she has taken her children to school for the first time. Speaking to the Sun, Ms Jackson said: "To walk through the village holding their little hands in mine was a miracle. I pinched myself to check it wasn’t a dream.

"After the accident I looked at other mums and never imagined in my wildest dreams that one day I would be just like them, holding my own baby in my own hands."

Ms Jackson added that she cried when she discovered she was having twins, although she said much of it was in despair at the thought of trying to raise two babies, as well as her other daughter, without her hands.

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