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Tories hope for green success in new offices

By Paperstone on March 12, 2007 in Office Supplies

Conservative MPs have moved into new headquarters that are set to make the party even greener.

The new building is made from as much reclaimed materials as possible, while much of the interior has been reclaimed from the party’s previous offices.

Computers, office furniture and office supplies have all been brought over from its previous location, making sure that the party is maintaining its green credentials.

This has been coupled with plans to make sure 80 per cent of rubbish generated by MPs and their aids is recycled, with the appropriate bins placed around the office to ensure that nothing is needlessly thrown away.

Moreover, innovative technology has been incorporated in the new Conservative headquarters, with motion activated lights switching themselves off when no-one is in the room.

The new open-plan offices are a stark contrast to the party’s former headquarters, which were associated with ten years of defeat to the Labour party and were known to be rather drab and down.

It is hoped by the Conservatives that the party will work more cohesively, as well as greener, after the move to new offices.

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