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Tips for organising office supplies offered

By Paperstone on September 17, 2007 in Office Supplies

Those who work from home may be able to use their space more effectively if they organise their office supplies, it has been suggested.

Writing for Tribune Media Services, Rita St Clair warns that the clutter of unorganised office supplies can impede a home worker’s concentration.

She says that "a home office can easily be made to function as a well-organised space" and the temptation to use such a space as a "catchall activities room" should be avoided.

How a person chooses to position office furniture and office machines, such as computers and printers, will ultimately lead to the success of the design, she explains.

"The actual look of such a space is a matter of personal taste. You can furnish it in the style of a 19th century library, for example, but the success of the design will ultimately depend on how you arrange the computer, the printer, the scanner and all the other electronic equipment and filing systems used in a 21st century home office," she writes.

Ms St Clair advises people to draw a sample layout of where they plan to locate office machines and office furniture, which also takes issues such as lighting into account, as glare from sunlight or lamps can interfere with work.

Recently, the Energy Savings Trust told Freelance UK that home-based workers should do more to be energy efficient in their home offices.

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