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Suggestions for projects involving paper shredders

By Paperstone on September 3, 2007 in Shredders & Supplies

Paper shredders can protect an individual’s privacy, as well as turning unwanted junk mail into a variety of useful end-products, it has been claimed.

Credit card offers, advertisements and even outdated Paper-based office supplies can go into Paper shredders, according to an article by Cox News Service.

In order to keep sensitive information from getting into the hands of identity thieves, it would be wise for people to invest in these office machines, the article suggests.

"Most homeowners can get a good, sturdy, compact cross-cut Paper shredder" for an inexpensive price, it adds.

As for what to do with the Paper once it has been shredded, several suggestions are given.

Shredded material can be used for packing moving or storage boxes, for lining a pet’s bed or in place of cat litter.

It could also be composted along with kitchen peelings or garden waste – or it could be incorporated into the garden itself to help fight weeds, the article claims.

Finally, it recommends that shredded Paper can be donated to a school for papier-mache art projects or used as kindling in a fireplace.

The origins of Paper shredders date back to the early 20th century.

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