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Rechargeable wireless mouse from Saitek

By Paperstone on April 20, 2007 in Office Supplies

UK office staff across the UK that find their wireless mouse can go a little haywire when the batteries are low are in luck, after Saitek unveiled its new Obsidian rechargeable wireless mouse.

And this particular model is very cool too, as it comes in a jet black design with dashing silver disks on either side of the device.

The Obsidian comes complete with its own cradle dock for recharging and a spare battery for even the most committed office staff looking to pull an all-nighter.

It also features an optical sensor and highly accurate tracking, although the high tech functions come at a hefty price, retailing at £39.99.

With mouse technology improving all the time, IT technology website TechEBlog compiled a list of the top ten strangest computer mice available.

At number ten is a joystick-style mouse, while a mouse shaped like legendary computer game hero Mario comes in at number eight.

A witty cursor-shaped mouse holds seventh place and a mint-tin mouse is in sixth.

The best of the rest include a miniature motorbike helmet mouse fourth in the list, a spy mouse that records sound going on around it in second and a feet-activated mouse at number one, which includes one foot mouse for navigation and another for clicking.

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