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By Paperstone on August 3, 2007 in Ink Cartridges And Toners

HP has responded to claims that printers are one of the more unhealthy types of office equipment.

Recently, Australian researchers claimed that printers, which use printer cartridges, emit dangerous levels of particles which are not filtered by the lungs.

However, Tuan Tran, HP‘s vice president of marketing for printer supplies, said that the company did not believe the veracity of the report.

"HP does not agree with its conclusion [nor] some of the bold claims the authors have made recently in press reports," he said in a statement.

The firm "stands behind the safety" of its printers, printer cartridges and other products, Mr Tran remarked.

He explained that ultrafine particle testing is "a very new scientific discipline" and added that "there are no indications" of laser printing systems posing special health risks.

Other household and office products may even emit similar particles, which are actually harmless, he added.

"Many experts believe that many of the UFPs found in common household and office products are not discrete solid particles, but may be condensation products or small droplets created during thermal processes," said Mr Tran.

Office products offered by HP include printers, printer cartridges and printer supplies.

The company also provides a recycling service for printer cartridges and other computer equipment.


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