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HP brand awareness given massive boost

By Paperstone on January 30, 2007 in Office Supplies

Brand awareness for office Paper manufactured by HP has increased massively, according to the latest Opticom International Research brand equity tracking survey.

HP office Paper has risen from 12th in the 2005 rankings to 3rd in 2006, although HP’s office supplies still trail behind Xerox and Impega in the brand awareness stakes.

The Opticom International Research study was carried out by assessing four key factors – spontaneous awareness, quality, top-of-mind and loyalty – and polled some 4,000 people across seven European countries.

Mikael Selling, corporate advisor at Opticom International Research, said: "We see that branding of office Paper continues to get stronger.

"Brand awareness increases for nearly all top brands and at the same time, the leading brands have also been able to improve their performance."

Other leading office Paper brands were listed in the survey, with Niceday dropping two places to 7th and Canon maintaining its 2005 position of 11th.

Opticom International Research claims that its brand equity tracking survey is important to firms looking to ascertain how well their brand is perceived in the consumer market and what the key purchasing determinants are.

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