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Holidaying Brits failing to secure identity

By Paperstone on July 24, 2007 in Shredders & Supplies

Brits travelling abroad are failing to conduct security measures before they leave the country, such as disposing of documents containing personal information with Paper shredders and thus putting themselves at risk of identity (ID) fraud.

This is the finding of, the online credit report monitoring service from Experian, who discovered that 58 per cent are failing to take every available step to limit the chance of ID theft occurring.

Before jetting off for their holidays, 23 per cent said that to get rid of important documents with a Paper shredder had never occurred to them.

Jim Hodgkins, managing director of, stated: "We spend weeks looking forward to our holidays, but many of us leave the most important item off our checklist – our identity."

With 65 per cent not locking away key documents before going on holiday or using a Paper shredder, it is perhaps unsurprising that in 2006, cases of ID fraud rose by 69 per cent.

Northerners were found to be the most security-conscious group in England with those from the north-east more likely to take every step to guard against fraud, such as using a Paper shredder on bank statements.

Londoners, on the other hand were the least security-savvy group, with 34 per cent neglecting to use Paper shredders or other measures to thwart ID criminals.


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