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Employees offered left-handed office supplies

By Paperstone on August 10, 2007 in Office Supplies

Left-handed staff members at Kwik-Fit Insurance are to be offered specially-designed office supplies in recognition of National Left Hander’s Day, it has emerged.

An estimated 100 left-handed people work for the insurance intermediary, which said it wants to make sure all of its employees feel comfortable using office machines and supplies while at work.

Occupational health nurse for Kwik-Fit Insurance Dorothy Sneddon explained that right-handed people may take the ability to perform certain tasks easily for granted.

“There is much more to being left-handed than just the hand you write with. The issue of left-handedness in the workplace is more serious than you would think and working in what is effectively a back-to-front environment can be pretty unsettling,” she remarked.

Ordinary office supplies such as notebooks, pens, scissors, pencil sharpeners and rulers are all skewed to right-handed people, she said, adding: “To be provided with the correct materials makes our employees much happier and productive in their jobs.”

Even office machines such as guillotines and laminators may be found to be more comfortable for certain people than others.

The company cited recent research which indicated that the number of left-handed people is increasing worldwide.

It also found that left-handed people are generally able to react more quickly when playing computer games and sport.

Left Handers Day is August 13th.

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