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Companies must recycle office supplies, new guidance states

By Paperstone on November 13, 2007 in Office Supplies

Businesses are required to recycle office supplies or face being fined, according to new laws which came into effect recently.

The new legislation published by the Environmental Agency (EA) states that non-hazardous office products, such as Paper, must be sorted or segregated for recycling.

These changes are hoped to reduce the amount of office supplies and other waste that is being sent to landfills. Criteria set by the EA mandates that the characteristics of the waste must exhibit change before it can be disposed.

Companies are asked to actively separate its office supplies and other waste or contract the job to a licensed third party.

Additionally, the EA has said that small businesses are able to comply with requirements by segregating printer cartridges from printers before they are picked up for recycling.

Commenting on the changes, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has encouraged firms to adapt to the new office supplies recycling legislation as soon as possible.

At the same time, it called for the government to do more to communicate with these smaller organisations.

"There must be widespread publicity – otherwise small businesses could be punished for breaking laws they knew nothing about," the FSB stated.

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