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Bizarre office requests… from bomb shelters to boozer bans

By Paperstone on March 28, 2007 in Office Furniture

Businesses aiming to find the right office space usually ask the obvious questions and apply similar criteria: is the location right? Is it big enough? Does it include diamond studded toilet seats?

UK online office space provider,, has released details of some of the more bizarre requests it has received from clients looking for their new home.

From a pregnant managing director who needed space for a baby scanner to a music industry mogul who wanted diamond incrusted toilet seats for a diva client, the results make very interesting reading.

One London based business wanted a bomb shelter to protect it from terrorist attacks, while another firm said it would only accept a space with attractive receptionists.

There was also an IT company which wanted an office situated far enough away from bars and off licences so its staff couldn’t sneak off for a cheeky half. founder Jim Venables, said: "Our expertise in this sector is second to none although we have to admit that there are times when even we wonder whether we are going to be able to meet some of the more bizarre client requests.

"Nevertheless we will always go out of our way to try and meet clients’ needs and, because our property portfolio is so extensive, we are almost always able to oblige."

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