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Keep cool in the office this summer

By Paperstone on July 11, 2018 in Catering, Office Environment


How to keep your cool…

Summer has got off to a great start this year – hip, hip hooray! But many offices can get incredibly hot in midsummer. Stay calm and productive throughout the season with these useful tips for keeping cool:

Be an early bird!

If your employer allows it, move to flexible working. Get to bed earlier so you can begin work in the cool hours of early morning. Overall, you’ll spend less time working in the full heat of the sun and can go home earlier too.

Hardest stuff first

If you tackle your hardest tasks first thing, your brain will be more alert and your body more rested. Leave easier stuff until the afternoons, when you might be wilting.


If you work from home, you could stop at lunchtime for a siesta and finish your work in the early evening.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water or fruit squash to help you stay focused. Avoid too many caffeinated drinks as they increase dehydration. At lunchtime, choose salads instead of sandwiches. A green salad with cucumber and tomatoes, or a fruit salad with melon – even pieces of frozen fruit – will work as food and drink rolled into one!

Wear breathable fabrics

Often the office becomes a war zone known as The Battle of the Thermostat during high temperatures. Some people love the heat while others want the air-conditioning on full blast. So, it’s a good idea to bring several layers of clothes to cope with the fluctuating temperatures as the battle wages around you. Be careful not to violate the office dress code by showing too much bare flesh. Bare armpits and midriffs are considered unprofessional in the majority of workplaces and so are flip-flops. Instead, look for structured and professional styles of work wear in lighter, breathable fabrics. Cotton, silk and linen are good choices. Depending on your business sector and what’s expected of you, you might be able to bend the rules with your boss’s permission. But Hawaiian shirts or hot pants could be a step too far!

Buy a desk fan

When the temperature is soaring, you can’t beat a desk fan and a little bottle of water to spray on your face. We currently have up to 75% off fans at Paperstone so there’s no excuse! If you feel really hot and uncomfortable, take a trip to the nearest washbasin and run some ice-cold water on your wrists. You have important blood vessels located there, and you will feel cooler quite quickly.



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