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National Stationery Week 2014

By Paperstone on March 20, 2014 in Books & Pads, Fun, Office Supplies, Pens & Pencils

World War One soldier writing home

In the hardships of the trenches of World War I, what kept our soldiers going?

In horrible circumstances, handwritten letters from loved ones back home helped lift men’s spirits.

And even today, handwritten letters have great emotional significance. No one wants a love letter by email – it needs to arrive by snail mail, written by hand.

It’s National Stationery Week 2014 from 31 March to 6 April – and the focus is on writing by hand.  The week reminds us that writing – and the ability to write – is as important as ever.

NSW organiser Chris Leonard-Morgan said that letter writing and stationery have a special place in our hearts.

“Receiving a handwritten note is becoming a rare treat, and one that many young people are yet to experience.

“Penning a letter is as good for the sender as it is for the recipient, lifting spirits and inspiring creativity.”

Here’s a few ideas for celebrating National Stationery Week:

  • Write a letter or card to a relative or friend, and show you care.
  • Treat yourself to a new pen or notebook – or even both!  You can never have too much stationery, and it makes you feel good!
  • Encourage youngsters to write a card or letter to their grandparents or a friend.

If you are a teacher, focus on the importance of good handwriting to your pupils and include some fun handwriting-themed activities in class during the week.


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