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Watch Your Back for Backcare Awareness Week 2014

By Paperstone on October 7, 2014 in Health & Safety, Office Furniture, Office Life, Office Workers

Back pain

Working in an office can sometimes be a pain in the neck, if you’re one of millions who suffer from back pain at work.

October 6- 12 is Backcare Awareness Week and this year the spotlight is on office workers and the problems they encounter with back and shoulder pain.

The campaign is organised by BackCare, “the charity for healthier backs,” to highlight the problems back pain can cause, as well as prevention and treatments.

Back pain accounts for half of all chronic pain in the UK and costs the NHS £1.3million every day. It costs £13million a day in disability benefits, and the total financial impact is a staggering £19 billion a year.

Out of 30 million adults who suffer from back pain each year, 10 million are still in pain a year later, according to the charity.

Here are a few tips to ease or prevent back pain in the office:

  • Back pain is often caused by stress or tension, so take regular breaks from your desk and walk around.
  • Stretch your back at your desk every half an hour
  • Set your workstation just right (yes, check out the ergonomics!)
  • Try using a standing desk for part of the day


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