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Your Type of Sofa?

By Paperstone on April 17, 2013 in Computer Supplies

Keyboard sofa

Every now and again a power nap does one the world of good and for some time now pioneering office managers have realized that a short break can do wonders for both morale and concentration. For this reason offices across the world have dedicated areas and even entire rooms to relaxation and restoration.

Most of us have woken up at work having drooled a little bit onto our keyboards and this is certainly not the best way to deal with fatigue. So, ingeniously combating this problem while remaining firmly within the office context in style terms, the designers at ZO_loft have come up with this, the QWERTY Sofa. While they claim that this funky bit of furniture is suited to either the home or the office, I would be surprised to see this in anybody’s living room. It would, however, be more than welcome in my work place.


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