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Office Rage

By Paperstone on June 22, 2013 in Fun, Office Workers

We have all seen a colleague come close to cracking in the office. Fortunately for most of us this only ever culminates in a mild expletive, a retreat to the canteen and/or a faster than ordinary downing of the post work pint or five. Some amongst you, however, will have been witness to a genuine meltdown, of which many have been captured and shared on the internet.

This is one of the more extreme examples, the like of which I haven’t seen. Such wanton destruction of office equipment may rightly be upsetting to some, but I couldn’t help but watch on. It is indeed hard to imagine what could instigate such a reaction. One can’t help but feel that after the initial outburst he realised that he had already lost his job, and would be likely to receive such a hefty bill that he saw no reason to stop. That or he isn’t quite right in the head.


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