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Essex Girls Are “Special”

By Paperstone on July 5, 2012 in Paper

essex girl

Over the last few decades, the term “Essex girl” has become ubiquitous in popular culture, connoting certain behaviours and qualities beyond mere geographical denotation. Most often it is used pejoratively, with varying degrees of malice, to mean a girl from Essex, invariably blonde (natural or, better, acquired), usually sexually generous, and always intellectually flawed (if she can read, she cannot do so without moving her lips).

Now a charity, The Essex Women’s Advisory Group, has said that girls from Essex are subject to so much prejudice that they should be treated as a “special” group. Stereotyping has led many girls from the county to feel “disadvantaged and disenfranchised,” say EWAG – unfortunate acronym – organisers. The charity has formulated a three-year plan to “empower” Essex women.

Said Elizabeth Hart, the Chairman of Essex County Council, who is also patron of the group: “I am sick and tired of people putting Essex Girls down. Our girls are bright and fun, but then you see them crumble when people start putting them down for where they come from.”

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