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Paul the Octopus Statue

By Paperstone on January 27, 2011 in Catering

paul the octopus statue

Paul, the cephalopod mollusc tipster who “correctly” “predicted” the results of Germany’s seven World Cup games and the Spain-Netherlands final, has been honoured with a monument.

Paul’s predictions were ascertained by observing him opening mussel-containing boxes bearing a team flag. His predictions sparked curiosity and even anger. An Argentinian TV presenter even branded Paul a “Nazi” and liquidised a live octopus in a food processor on air after the octopus correctly predicted Argentina’s exit from the competition.

Paul passed away in October and fans have since demanded that he be honoured in a way that befits a psychic mollusc. And Lo! A six-foot plastic likeness of Paul eight-leggedly embracing an oversize football has been unveiled in his name. The memorial also contains the beast’s cremains in an urn.


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