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Paperstone Gets Patent for “Hapler”

By Paperstone on March 31, 2011 in Desktop Essentials
The Hapler
The Hapler: Pioneering office supplies

Paperstone have been awarded its first ever patent – for an all-in-one device which both staples and punches holes in Paper. This stapler/hole punch hybrid is still in a prototype phase, but already “The Hapler” is exciting design experts and office supplies industry pundits alike.

WallPaper called it, “an archetypal twenty-teens object of desire – confident post-postmodernism.”

The Hapler even attracted the gaze of lifestyle magazines, with Dazed and Confused declaring, “The Hapler could finally do what stationery has previously failed to do – re-engage youth with office supplies.”

On a more practical level, industry experts predict that The Hapler could dramatically impact on the face of office work.

Said Norman de la Fonte of Condé Nast Stationer, “The Hapler could quite easily double the productivity of someone whose job centres principally around stapling and hole-punching. That’s bound to change the office dynamic.”

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