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Happy Royal Wedding Day!

By Paperstone on April 28, 2011 in Catering, Fun

kate middleton doll

The eagerly awaited day has arrived. Prince William and Kate Middleton marry today.

And if you’re a republican and couldn’t give a monkeys about the wedding, at least you’ve got a day off.

Today could also be the media event of the year, globally covered and noticeably obsessed over by our trans-Atlantic cultural cousins. Sometimes it seems Americans are more royalist than us lot.

And it is an American manufacture to which we draw your attention today.

The Kitschophere is awash with plates, mugs, tins, trinkets and other memorabilia marking the royal wedding. But the object of desire that has so far caught our attention the most is the Franklin Mint Kate Middleton doll. Or rather there are two dolls available: one with “Kate” in her now familiar blue dress that she wore to announce her engagement and the other which will feature the new Princess in her wedding gown to be revealed later today. They cost a respective $195 and $295.

Bargains both.

kate middleton dolls


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