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Time to go green (if you weren’t already)

By Paperstone on January 22, 2010 in Office Supplies

Despite our recent glimpse into what Britain looks like when the Gulf Stream is diverted to Greenland, 2009 was one of the hottest years and 2000-2009 the hottest decade on record, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Whether the warming is anthropogenic or not, the world’s average temperature continues to rise. CO2 emissions meanwhile rose by 29% between 2000 and 2008, says the Global Carbon Project , the increases mainly occurring in “developing” economies, particularly the rampantly growing China.

During a cold spell such as the recent one, we might be tempted to ask, “Global warming? What global warming?”. However, we can’t assess climate change by looking out of our windows. It’s easy to forget that these periods are balanced by warm weather elsewhere. Iceland and Greenland, for example, have been enjoying unseasonably mild weather over the past few weeks.


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