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Stapler vs. Stapler

By Paperstone on March 5, 2010 in Office Supplies

It’s Acco vs. Accentra as the stapling world gets heated up by an intellectual property dispute. Accentra Inc., makers of the innovative PaperPro® line of desktop staplers, has filed a lawsuit against Acco Brands, makers of Swingline® staplers, alleging infringement of US Patents #7,178,709 and #5,664,722. In dispute are the Swingline PowerEase(TM), Optima(TM) PowerEase and Compact PowerEase models which PaperPro alleges are in violation of its patented technology.

Accentra’s PaperPro stapler was in 2004 the first desktop stapler to contain a spring-powered internal mechanism that provides staple gun power at the push of a finger. Since its arrival many stapler makers, including Acco, have emulated this spring-powered mechanism. PaperPro is seeking an injunction against continued sales of these products, and compensatory and enhanced damages.

“Sure, it’s vital to our business that we defend our intellectual property,” says PaperPro CEO Todd Moses. “But vital as well to other inventors and small businesses who also have to contend with the strong-arm tactics of large corporations … and every day I get calls and emails of support from people – inside and outside our industry – who tell me to keep fighting the good fight. And that’s what we intend to do.”


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