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By Paperstone on March 3, 2010 in Envelopes, Office Workers

It’s been done before – essentially an unpopularity contest of annoying phrases used in the (predominantly white collar) workplace. But we still continue using them, despite the fact that they are proxies for actual work.

Anyway, here are the topline results of a survey of 1,836 office workers for you to leverage, benchmark, or whatever.

Most irritating cliches used by fellow workers:

  1. Thinking outside the box (21%)
  2. Let’s touch base (20%)
  3. Blue sky thinking (19%)
  4. Blamestorming (16%)
  5. Drill down to a more granular level (15%)
  6. Let’s not throw pies in the dark (15%)
  7. I’ve got that on my radar (13%)
  8. Push the envelope (12%)
  9. Bring your A-game (11%)
  10. Get all your ducks in a row (11%)



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