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Unpopular Pet Names in the Office

By Paperstone on November 1, 2009 in Office Workers

Among the pet names given to women at the workplace, ‘babe’ is the most unacceptable, according to a survey of over 2,500 female office workers conducted by, an online market research company. ‘Love’, ‘hun’ and ‘mate’ also scored highly.

The poll also revealed that 93 per cent of women have been called a pet name either by the boss or a male colleague and that 21 per cent said it made them feel angry.

A spokesperson said, “Women clearly find these pet names patronising and unnecessary.

“Perhaps it is time for guys to take a bit of a reality check and realise that time has moved on. Many of them are cringe-worthy and dated, for example it is hardly surprising that a woman is going to feel very uncomfortable when a boss in his 50s calls her ‘babe’ or ‘poppet’.”


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