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Long live the Post-it Note

By Paperstone on February 27, 2009 in Office Supplies

Researchers at MIT are confirming what we knew all along: that the Post-it Note continues to flourish despite ever-improving software to schedule, organise and otherwise make notes. As researcher David Karger says, “A lot of people spend a lot of time trying to figure out cool new things for computers to do. What’s more interesting to me is figuring out how to get the computer out of the way.” Post-it Notes, he says, are excellent database tools, accessible, easy to use and, what’s more, applicable in the three-dimensional world.

Among the studies of Post-it Notes was an analysis of actual scribblings. Researchers Michael Bernstein and Max Van Kleek studied over 500 notes and posited a model of “the information-scrap life cycle.” The most popular Post-it Notes were to-do lists, comprising a fifth of all notes. Also popular were meeting notes and contact information. Log-in/password data was written on some Post-it Notes.

“Capture speed” is one of the main reasons Post-it Notes endure. Quickly scribbling something down beats entering the information into a computer application. Post-it Notes also have multiple “affordances” such as the ability to be stuck to a door where someone entering a room will easily see them.

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