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Company Gets Tough on Wasteful Office Workers

By Paperstone on October 18, 2009 in Office Supplies

In a bid to establish "ethical offices", the London headquarters of Land Securities, Britain’s largest property company, has imposed stringent new rules relating to energy consumption on its staff.

All computer monitors are checked every evening to see if any have been left on standby. A yellow card is placed on any which have. Second offence: a red card and a verbal warning from the manager.

From April, 5,000 larger employers will be required to purchase allowances to cover their energy related CO2 emissions. The scheme, known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment, will include publication of annual league tables showing best and worst performing companies.

Energy-saving tips for large offices

  • The addition of glass-fronted private offices on open-plan floors disrupts air conditioning sensors leading to excessive heating or cooling. Get rid.
  • Employees staying late should work in one small section of the building so that lights and air con can be switched off elsewhere.
  • Banning personal bins reduces landfill as people increasingly recycle office waste.
  • Communicate CO2 emissions performance to raise awareness.


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