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Angry Worker Nukes Water Cooler

By Paperstone on December 3, 2009 in Catering

A “disgruntled” worker at an Indian nuclear power plant spiked a water cooler with a radioactive isotope in a deliberate act of spite. The contamination came to light after urine tests taken after a shift a week ago. Now 55 employees at the high-security Kaiga nuclear power plant, 280 miles from Bangalore, have received emergency medical treatment after drinking the water. The isotope in question is tritium which is not highly radioactive but can be highly dangerous if swallowed. Tritium is normally used for its glow-in-the-dark properties on luminous watch hands and to trigger nuclear bombs.

Since the particular water cooler was in a high-security area monitored round the clock, questions have been raised about the vulnerability of India’s nuclear power plants, particularly now that the country is about to embark on a large building programme of atomic reactors.

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