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Poll finds 19% of workers steal office supplies

By Paperstone on June 9, 2008 in Office Supplies

Nearly one out of every five workers across the US has admitted to stealing their company’s office supplies at some stage of their working life, a new study has revealed.

A recent Spherion Workplace Snapshot report found that 19 per cent of workers polled admitted to stealing some kind of office supplies from one of their emplioyers throughout their career.

Of those who had admitted stealing office supplies, only 21 per cent said that they felt guilty or regretted taking the office equipment.

The results of the survey are bad news for companies throughout the country as a similar study in 2006 found that only 18 per cent of workers had taken office supplies for personal use.

A total of 15 per cent of workers who had taken office supplies claimed that their place of employment would not miss them.

In related office supplies news, one of the world’s largest office machines manufacturers recently launched a new product designed to help businesses calculate the costs of their office supplies.

Technology developed by Canon and Sepialine can now calculate how much it costs businesses to print documents using their office machines – and also find ways of reducing costs.

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