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Office supplies ‘hold power within workplace’

By Paperstone on February 27, 2008 in Office Supplies

Employees who keep hold of essential office supplies – such as staplers and the bundle of pens – in the workplace are seen to have power over other workers, according to a new report.

Such "possessiveness" of office supplies and office equipment can – while being irritating for a number of staff – bring an element of added power over colleagues when they require office products, a journalist from Canada’s Leader-Post has claimed.

The "ongoing battle" between workers over spare office supplies, such as printer supplies or inkjet cartridges, can often highlight much bigger differences of opinion within work environments, reporter Jana Pruden stated.

Reminiscing about her own experiences with office supplies, Ms Pruden said: "Recently, some renovations in our office unearthed a hidden stash of ancient office supplies, which everyone in a ten-cubicle radius then swarmed like locusts.

"I got to the scene first and had the unbelievably good fortune to get a stapler."

Earlier this month, a spokesman for US-based AllBusiness told the New York Times that that purchasing greener office supplies in bulk can help save money on restocking, while also saving the environment.

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