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How office supplies can save a business money

By Paperstone on February 26, 2008 in Office Supplies

When it comes to fitting out a workspace, buying in high quality office supplies will save the company money in the long run, according to an industry expert.

Writing in the New York Times, a spokesman for US-based AllBusiness claimed that purchasing greener office supplies in bulk can help save money on restocking, while also saving the environment.

Companies can also save money by choosing which office supplies and office products they really need, while getting rid of any that they do not necessarily require. According to the AllBusiness representative, this will free up extra money from the company’s budget.

"To save money on these and other office supplies, consider your needs and do some comparison shopping.

"The old saying "you won’t get it unless you ask for it" holds true in the budget office furniture business.

"Don’t hesitate to ask for an additional discount, especially if you are buying large quantities, or will be making purchases from that vendor again in the near future."

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