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Wireless USB ‘future’ of office equipment

By Paperstone on June 25, 2007 in Office Supplies

Many of the nation’s offices are embracing the technological wave, although there are still thousands which seem cluttered by countless wires from office equipment.

Everything from printers to photocopiers and computers has several wires connecting them to everything else, although the future, it seems, may be a lot tidier.

New technology from silicon supplier Artimi means a UWB, similar to a USB but without the wires, could revolutionise the modern office by cutting out the number of wires trailing around office furniture.

The UWB acts in the same way as a USB, allowing peripherals such as printers and laminators to operate, and the PC recognise them automatically, without a physical link.

Although there are several good solutions to wires in the office, such as plastic coverings to keep them all together, a fully wireless office would be a much easier and more comfortable place to work, claim experts.

However, using wireless USB is not only limited to the office, but can also be used to work at home or in mobile locations. The ability to "log on" to a localised printer via your laptop, wherever you are and without any need for wires or physical connections, can mean workers will be able to abandon the typical office set up for a more ergonomical, easy to use, safer and more aesthetically pleasing work space.


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