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Printer cartridges ‘could print cells’

By Paperstone on October 12, 2007 in Ink Cartridges And Toners

Scientists are looking to discover ways of printing 3D cells using ink-jet printer cartridges.

Speaking to LiveScience, Paul Calvert, a materials scientist from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, said printer cartridges are already able to print living cells and the development of 3D machines could be a major scientific "milestone".

Mr Calvert explains printer cartridges could be set up to supply cells rather then ink and as cells are smaller than a cartridge’s opening "they can survive being shot out of an ink-jet cartridge".

If this technique is successful, then it would be the first stage in producing human organs via printer technology. The scientist said it would be equivalent of going from "black and white printing to full colour".

Printing living cells is not the only instance of combining printer cartridges with materials other than ink and Paper.

Last year EoPlex Technologies announced that it was constructing fuel cells and other mechanical devices through layering a range of materials using a printer.

Arthur Chait, chief executive officer at EoPlex, told CNET News: "If you’ve ever seen posters printed, the process is similar … they print the yellow, then the red and then the blue."

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