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Plane Quiet headphones that fit in glasses case

By Paperstone on April 23, 2007 in Office Supplies

Many UK office employees spend a lot of their time flying around the world on business and for those that do, comfort is essential.

If you’re one of those frequent flyers who passes the time by listening to your favourite tunes, Plane Quiet’s new NC-7 noise cancelling headphones could be for you.

Conveniently stored in a glasses case-style wallet, the NC-7 headphones offer decent sound quality and noise-cancelling features for the benefit of fellow travellers.

The Plane Quiet headphones are pretty stylish too, as they come in a jet-black design and feature comfortable padded earphones and headband strap.

But the most important factor is the device’s fold-away storage capability, which is ideal for business flyers looking to travel light.

Retailing for around £59.99, the product includes a dual-pin airline adapter and AAA battery for the noise-cancellation device.

With excessive headphone sound taken off, travellers might expect that to be the end of annoying air travel noise.

However, Ryanair recently announced plans to allow passengers to use mobile phones on its aircraft later this year.


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