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One size ‘doesn’t fit all’

By Paperstone on October 8, 2007 in Office Supplies

Managers and office workers are being reminded of the need to carefully select tailored printing solutions for individual offices and workplaces, rather than just viewing a printer as a "box that churns out Paper".

Writing in the South African technology news site ITWeb, Philip Perkins, COO of Itec South Africa, says that many organisations have an old-fashioned matter-of-fact approach to printing documents.

In response, Mr Perkins is emphasising the significance of affordable multifunctional peripherals (MFPs), which can dramatically increase efficiency and lower running costs.

He highlights in the particular the contrasting settings and performance of different machines, which he says should be tailored to the individual requirements of offices.

A manufacturing business which produces a high volume of relatively simple text-based documents will save money by switching to lower quality, black and white printouts, for example – whereas a fast-paced advertising agency whose success depends on impressive colourful visuals would be best advised to focus on the upper end of the market.

Even for such a company, cost-saving measures can still be introduced by installing print-on-collection facilities or relying on scanning documents and utilising in-screen projection displays.

Itec South Africa is the fastest growing office automation and telecommunications solutions provider in Southern Africa.

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