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Office supplies review ‘cuts carbon footprint’

By Paperstone on January 2, 2007 in Office Supplies

As concerns grow over the negative effect business is having on the environment, Peterborough City Council is looking to cut it carbon footprint through a comprehensive review of the way in which it procures its office supplies.

According to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph, the council says its old system, whereby items of office equipment such as printer supplies and laminators were purchased from a number of separate suppliers, was not only costing it too much money but was also harming the environment. (Looking for a laminator? Shop now!)

A council report, quoted in the newsPaper, stated that by procuring stationery, Paper and other office supplies in such a fragmented way the council was creating the need for a large number of small deliveries, which together created an excessive and wholly avoidable carbon footprint.

Following a review into the purchasing of office equipment, the council has now decided to replace its large portfolio of suppliers with one single supplier that will provide it with all the office supplies it needs to fulfil everyday administrative tasks.

As well as helping to reduce its impact on climate change through a reduction in carbon emissions, a move such as that being taken by Peterborough City Council could also help businesses to significantly cut their office supplies bill.

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph reports that the council’s office supplies review is set to save it around £2,000 a week in office equipment costs.


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