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Office supplies firm urges staff to get fit

By Paperstone on May 30, 2007 in Office Supplies

Office supplies firm Avery Dennison has urged office staff to play more sport and take exercise during the day to boost their careers.

The office supplies specialist’s report also suggested that mental agility would improve, as well as the obvious health benefits.

Psychologist Donna Dawson, who conducted the study, said: "When you play sport, you improve your mental as well as your physical prowess.

"Every sport demands effort, concentration, discipline and perseverance. These are the basic qualities needed in daily working life."

The launch of a national government scheme to get people more active prompted the office supplies firm to conduct the study.

Jogging and swimming were considered appropriate pastimes for workers on long projects, while the office supplies company suggested football and other team games would suit employees in competitive fields, such as sales.

The government recently launched the Great Activity Campaign, led by former long-distance runner Brendan Foster.

Take to the Streets is the campaign’s motto and it is hoped that Brits will run, walk, cycle, dance and swim 100 million miles a year to create a healthier Britain.

With more initiatives like this in place and studies such as office supplies expert Avery Dennison’s raising awareness, the UK as a whole is sure to benefit.


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