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Office equipment for left-handers suggested

By Paperstone on August 13, 2007 in Office Supplies

In honour of Left Handers Day 2007, Tech Digest has recommended a number of left-handed pieces of office equipment for use at work or home.

The Evoluent Mouse III, for example, is a piece of office equipment that many left-handers may desire.

"For a left-hander, using a mouse is a mission and a half, as you navigate the contoured shape designed for righties, not to mention the awkward position of buttons," the website states.

Featuring a contoured which is geared towards southpaws, the specially-designed mouse retails for £68.

For those who use traditional office supplies such as pen and Paper, the SmudgeGuard may come in handy.

A potential solution to the perennial problem of left-handers smudging the Paper when writing from left to right with office supplies, the SmudgeGuard is made of nylon and spandex and is designed to protect ink.

Finally, a left-handed keyboard is suggested as a solution for workers who are shopping for office products to make their lives more comfortable.

"The keys are A-shaped, which apparently prevents users from being affected with repetitive strain injury," according to Tech Digest.

In related news, the estimated 100 left-handed employees at Kwik-Fit Insurance are being offered specially-designed office supplies to help make their working days easier.

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