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Low-ink printer cartridges ‘need not be discarded’

By Paperstone on November 1, 2007 in Ink Cartridges And Toners

Office machines with printer cartridges which seem to be running low on ink do not necessarily need to be replaced immediately, it has been suggested.

An article in the India Times claims that printer cartridges which show signs of running low "can in fact go on printing for 50 or more pages". It advises that these printer cartridges should be removed and shaken gently to maximise lifespan.

According to the author, another way to save money when using office machines is to purchase third-party printer cartridges and toner.

"Concerns about poor printing quality or poorly made cartridges causing ink leakage have become less relevant over the past year as more third-party manufacturers are adopting quality controls in their ink, toner, and cartridge manufacturing that rival those of original equipment makers," the article states.

Consumers can maximise their chances of getting high-quality printer cartridges if they choose brands which are marketed by major brand names, it adds.

Additionally, the publication suggests that by utilising duplex printing – or printing on both side of the Paper – significant savings can be made related to office supplies.

Recently, a Spanish company discussed how its machines can refill printer cartridges within shopping centres and public areas.

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