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Lexmark: Smarter use of printer cartridges saves money

By Paperstone on December 6, 2007 in Ink Cartridges And Toners

Firms could generate benefits for both their office equipment budgets and the environment if they use printer cartridges more responsibly, it has been suggested.

Energy-efficient usage of office products, in addition to the recycling of used inkjet cartridges, will help tackle climate change while also providing cost-saving benefits to businesses, according to Lexmark.

The office equipment supplier currently offers users free printer cartridges each time a firm recycles three used ones through Lexmark.

Users with empty inkjet cartridges can recycle their used office products by applying for free postage packaging via the company’s website.

"Our products, solutions and services can help you get more done while being environmentally and fiscally responsible," said Marty Canning, president of printing solutions at Lexmark.

Office equipment users should also use print preview to streamline documents avoid printing unnecessary pages and wasting their printer cartridges, the company suggested.

"This can be especially helpful when printing Excel files, where content in a single cell can lead to many unnecessary printed pages," the office products supplier added.

Business owners looking to update their office equipment with a new printer should take into account the content of the documents they print, such as photos or text, and whether they need access to copy, scan and fax functions, Lexmark recently commented.

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