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Exercise office equipment named worst gadget

By Paperstone on December 31, 2007 in Office Supplies

The most "evil" piece of office equipment for the year 2007 title has been awarded to a desk-based exercise machine.

Canada’s Globe and Mail has named the GZ PC-Sport as the worst office machine to hit the office worker this year.

"The obsession with desk-bound exercise continued unabated this year. The worst piece of office exercise equipment was the GZ PC-Sport," it explained.

The unusual office equipment is a step machine which sits under an employee’s desk and attaches to their computer.

If the hapless worker stops stepping, their keyboard or mouse freezes, the Globe and Mail continued.

Creator Gamercize boasts that the GZ PC-Sport connects to a computer via the user’s USB port and can burn as many as 400 calories an hour while toning the office worker’s legs.

The unusual office equipment creator claims the device allows people to become more toned and slimmer easily.

However, the office machine can be turned off by the user when they need a rest.

In addition to considering office equipment, the newsPaper awarded titles such as Worst Employee to a drunken ambulance driver and Most Dedicated Employee to a woman who clocked up 800 hours of overtime during 17 weeks.

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