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Donated office equipment contributes to Chernobyl aid

By Paperstone on March 20, 2007 in Office Supplies

An organisation established to deliver aid and support to people stricken by the Chernobyl disaster is to deliver tonnes of office equipment to the area during its annual trip, it has been revealed.

Chernobyl 2000 carries out an annual visit to the areas affected by the disaster, taking lorry loads of supplies and equipment with them each year.

School children from Worcestershire play a big part in the drive and this year have been collecting toiletries and school supplies for the aid package being sent over.

But this year, 25 pallets of office equipment will also be making the journey to Belarus, Chernobyl 2000 founder Mike Worton has revealed.

Mr Worton told the Evesham Admag: "We were given 25 pallets of new office equipment because a company was having a refit and without us that would have just been put out as waste."

Mr Worton added that seven lorries will be delivering 75 tonnes of aid to areas still recovering from the disaster, which caused massive radioactive contamination when an explosion occurred at a nuclear site in 1986.

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