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Bamboo laptop casing on the horizon

By Paperstone on April 19, 2007 in Office Machines & Supplies, Office Supplies

Asus has revealed the ultimate in cool ‘green’ technology for all of the UK’s pro-environment officestaff, a stylish bamboo laptop casing.

The EcoBook features renewable, interchangeable and biodegradable panels, a PowerGear performance button and a sleek silver keyboard.

Asus is set to launch the eco-friendly casing next year, which also includes recyclable plastic parts.

The circuit boards and electroplating are also free from harmful paints and sprays, putting this product at the top of the tree in the green technology stakes.

However, this isn’t perhaps the weirdest laptop ever created.

Gadget website TechEblog recently featured a range of funky laptops that put the Asus model to shame.

Nintendo and X-Box both released laptop versions of their popular Wii and 360 games consoles, while LG’s E-Book is so thin it uses blue methyl alcohol fuel rather than a regular lithium ion battery.

The article also features a Fujitsu DJ-turntable notebook and a £160,000 diamond encrusted laptop.

But the craziest efforts have got to be either NEC’s Duke Nukem-style computer, based on the massively popular shoot-em-up game or Steampunk’s archaic typewriter laptop, which comes complete with Morse key and a wooden space bar.

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