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Office supplies enter the 21st century

By Paperstone on November 24, 2006 in Office Supplies

An Indian student is about to revolutionise data transfer by using simple office supplies.

Sainul Abideen has demonstrated a new system for data storage that uses Paper, turning an everyday office product into 21st century technology.

Entitled Rainbow Versatile Disc (RVD), he claims that the new use of office supplies works by encoding data in geometric, coloured shapes and is able to compress vast amounts of data on to a very small area.

For instance, he claims that one sheet of A4 Paper can hold 256 gigabytes of data, whereas a traditional DVD or CD is limited to just 4.5 gigabytes.

This is as Paper has the capacity to hold data at a much higher density than modern age technologies. In fact, many experts have claimed for a long time that the way Paper is currently used is a massive waste of its potential.

This could result in huge commercial implications for businesses around the globe both in terms of moving data en masse as well as reducing costs.

Office supplies traditionally used for data transfer, such as CDs, DVDs and more recently memory sticks, are typically expensive while Paper can often by bought for just a tenth of the price.

In addition, Paper is biodegradable and recyclable, making it the perfect tool in the battle to help fight the amount of waste created by non-recyclable office supplies.

And by using a specially adapted scanner, another simple office product, Mr Abideen claims that the information stored on a sheet of Paper is just as easy to use as a disc.

Mr Abideen has said that his is currently working on developing a number of products that can be used in everyday office equipment, including a scanner small enough to be built in to computers and a SIM card-sized RVD card for use with pocket-sized portable devices.

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