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Fine Art Pencils

Fine art pencils are specifically designed to be used for creative projects, where the quality of the lead is extremely important.

Derwent is a leading brand in fine art pencils, and makes up our range at Paperstone. They were first made in the Lake District in 1832, in a factory situated next to a graphite site.

On our website, you will find pencils for drawing with different types of hardness. Remember: the softer the pencil, the darker and more intense the line.

You can also find Derwent art colouring pencils at Paperstone, in a variety of beautiful shades.

Derwent watercolour pencils are also available. These can be used like normal colouring pencils. But when the coloured leads come into contact with water, they soften and mimick watercolour paints. Such pencils can be used in a variety of ways, by dipping them into water or drawing and washing over the colour with a paintbrush. 

Inktense pencils are similar to the watercolour pencils, but instead mimic ink to create more bold, vibrant pieces. As the ink dries quickly, you are able to go over your drawings again to build up the intensity without having to wait. 

We also sell colouring pencils in a rich range of hues. 


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