Types of bulb

  • Halogen. A bulb which uses a halogen gas known for high efficiency, quality of light and high rated life.
  • LED. An environmentally friendly light bulb which uses very little energy, lasts a very long time and isinstantly light when switched on unlike regular bulbs.
  • Energy saving. These light bulbs use less energy than a traditional light bulb but give out the same amount of light. 
  • Bayonet. Also known as “push and twist”, these are the most regular light bulbs, usually 22mm in diameter and with two locating lugs.
  • Pin. bulb usually with two prongs which pushes straight into fitting. 
  • Screw. As the name suggests, bulb which screws into the fitting.
  • Tube. Also known as strip, tube bulbs fit into light at either end.


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