A Buyer's Guide to Bisley Filing Cabinets

Why buy Bisley?

Bisley filing cabinets are the most popular filing cabinets in the UK, and are known for being high quality and long lasting.

To ensure they can withstand frequent use in the office, Bisley filing cabinets are securely welded, and most have an ‘anti-tilt’ mechanism to make sure they don’t tip over.

Choosing the right Bisley cabinet for your office space

When choosing your Bisley cabinet, it is important to consider where you plan to position it in your office or home, and how much space will surround it. Some cabinets extend 100 percent - meaning you can access the entire drawer. But if you have limited space, a drawer with 80 percent extension or less may be more appropriate. The sliding suspension files will ensure you can still easily slide out your documents.

For the smallest spaces, Bisley side filing cabinets are the perfect solution, by offering 30 per cent greater filing space, but with a 440mm extension.

What does 'flush-fronted' mean?

If a Bisley filing cabinet is described as ‘flush-fronted’, this simply means it opens with a finger-pull action rather than with a handle.