Centrefeed dispensers: the advantages

Wall-mounted centrefeed dispensers are popular washroom fixtures and provide a quick and easy method of dispensing paper towels and wipes.

There are several advantages to using a centrefeed dispenser, as follows:

  • Centrefeed dispensers are made from strong plastic and are able to withstand years of constant use in busy environments. They provide a robust solution to dispensing paper towels and wipes
  • They are space-saving and available in small sizes if required
  • Centrefeed dispensers save time, because they can be refilled very quickly and are also easy to use in a hurry
  • They are a hygienic solution for drying hands and dealing with spills. You only touch the towel or wipe you take, preventing cross-contamination.
  • Centrefeed dispensers deliver a single towel or wipe at a time and can reduce usage by 40%, saving a lot of money

At Paperstone we stock Tork Reflex Centrefeed Wiper Dispensers and 5 Star Centrefeed Hand Towel dispensers, and each are available in two sizes.

To watch a video of the Tork Reflex Single Sheet Dispenser in action, visit YouTube.