Electric staplers: the benefits

An electric stapler has two main advantages over a manual stapler- it can save both time and energy in the workplace. A manual stapler requires you to use considerable physical effort if you have a lot of stapling to do in the course of a day. This is true even if the stapler is fixed to a stable surface.

An electric stapler is an easier option. All you need to do is move your collated sheets of paper over a tiny sensor and the device will place the staple into its final position automatically. When you’re stapling large volumes of paper you can save a significant amount of time. 

When you’re running a business you need to think about how many hours you can save in the course of 12 months. If you can save half an hour every weekday, then over a year you will have saved the equivalent of paying someone’s wages for three weeks!

The efficiency of an electric stapler is less noticeable in a domestic setting because in the average home a stapler doesn’t get used much. However, business people and professionals should be aware of this factor when choosing between electric staplers and manual staplers.

You can save even more time and energy if you buy an electric stapler and two-hole punch combo because then you’ll get your punching jobs finished faster too!


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