CPU Supports and CPU Stands at Paperstone

A CPU stand or support is a structure which attaches to your computer to give it added protection or mobility. may also be used to affix your processor to the underside of your desk. The terms “CPU stand” or “CPU support” are actually misnomers because the Central Processing Unit (CPU), the brain of your computer, where instructions are carried out and information process and stored, is only a tiny part of that box under your desk.

Why should I buy a CPU stand?

We won’t lie to you – most people can lead perfectly normal and happy lives without a CPU stand for their computer. They are not essential. However, you might consider getting a CPU stand in the following circumstances:

  • Your “CPU” has a slim width and is liable to be knocked over.
  • You move your CPU about a lot (e.g. to change port connections) and you need extra mobility.
  • You want to attach the CPU unit to the underside of your desk.

If any of these apply, a stand or support may be useful. The Compucessory Universal CPU stand extends the with of the unit base, providing extra stability. Compucessory mobile stands have castors to enable ease of movement. Under-desk holders frame the entire CPU unit and come with mounting brackets to fix it to your desk.